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Researchers find that fasting for three days is a good way to reboot your immune system




For centuries, some people have touted the benefits of periodic fasting, and now with 21st century science, researchers have discovered that fasting for three days apparently “restarts” the immune system by triggering the body to turn stem cells into a batch of brand new white blood cells….

To be specific: the fasting kills off a large number of white blood cells (energy has to come from somewhere, so when you don’t eat your body basically scavenges itself). Once you start eating again, those cells are replenished. And ones which were damaged, but maybe hadn’t been broken down by your body yet, will have been broken down during the fast, so on the whole the cells look younger and healthier after you start eating again. 

Although I am dubious of almost anything that says “To be healthier, don’t eat!” because my sense is that it is rarely, if ever, that simple.

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